Brrrr, the temperature has dropped since our October Gardening To Do List and the changing of the clocks and shortened our days considerably! However, that’s no reason to let your garden fall into disrepute. We’ll give you a handful of jobs you can complete throughout November and December to make sure your garden stays in tip-top condition year-round. No more panicking at the first sign of a heatwave because your garden has become a domestic jungle.

  1. Lift your dahlia tubers and begonias to store them in dry compost away from the frost over the winter months, removing any dead foliage first.
  2. We can’t stress this enough…please put out food and water for wild birds if you are able! Our winter birdcare guide can be read here.
  3. Plant tulip bulbs deep in pots and borders, using at least twice their depth of compost or soil to cover them.
  4. If any of your roses had blackspot, gather up all the leaves and dispose of them now to prevent infecting next year’s growth. Products like Resolva’s can help stop future outbreaks.
  5. Once fruit bushes like blackberries, red currants and gooseberries are dormant, prune them well ahead of the frosts.

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