It’s time for October’s Gardening To Do List – where has the year gone? You can catch up with all of the lists in this series here, starting in January. First things first, head back to September’s list if you haven’t already to make sure your garden is clean and prepped for chillier climates.

  1. If you don’t have a greenhouse, protect any vulnerable plants with fleece during the frost. Secure the fleece with garden staples in windy weather.
  2. Harvest pumpkins and squashes now to prevent them from turning to mush in the colder temperatures.
  3. Take the final harvest of your peas and beans then cut the plant back to ground level, leaving the roots buried.
  4. Clear plant matter and dead leaves from your beds and lawns regularly to prevent rotting and promote airflow.
  5. If you have a pond, net over it now to stop dead leaves falling in.
  6. Have evergreen hedges? Give them a final trim before the first frost.
  7. Start gathering prunings and twigs to build a bonfire – but ALWAYS check carefully for hedgehogs before lighting!

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