Whilst the UK is still being hit with sporadic sunshine and mini heatwaves well into September, the mornings and nights are certainly getting chillier by the day. Not to mention to torrential downpours striking much of England! This turn in the weather makes it harder for our wildlife to thrive.

At Avant Home and Garden Centre we’re well stocked with all the birdcare items you need, some of which are also available from our online shop. So, we’ve put together this brief guide to caring for Britain’s birds (and squirrels) and helping them to survive the harsh British winter.

  1. Keeping warm requires lots of extra calories for birds but the lack of daylight hours makes this more difficult. Putting out fresh food and water will help them to keep full and warm. This can be leftovers from your house such as grated mild cheese, dried fruit or fruitcake, unsalted nuts or fruits such as apples and pears that are starting to turn. Fatty foods such as mealworms or suet and high calories treats such as nuts and seeds are perfect.
  2. Cleanliness is key! Keep bird feeders, baths and tables clean to avoid the spread of diseases and always wash your hands after feeding the birds.
  3. Watch out for the frost…birds struggle to find unfrozen water for drinking and bathing after a frost. Floating a small ping-pong ball or similar object on the surface will prevent the area from freezing as even a slight breeze will keep it moving.
  4. Provide shelter. Plant dense hedges or allow plants like ivy and holly to grow freely for birds to nest in. If birds are nesting in your roof and you need to fix the hole, we encourage you to consider putting a nest box up where the hole was.

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