December is upon us, though it feels like 2 minutes since the November edition of the Gardening To Do List. Winter is well and truly upon us now but it’s important to protect your beloved plants from the chill and show some TLC to your garden.

Who is ready for the FINAL gardening to do list? Let’s get started on the December edition…

  1. Reduce the watering of your house plants, these little extensions of your garden will be much less thirsty this month.
  2. Make sure climbing plants are securely tied to their canes or structures.
  3. Leave faded flower heads on your hydrangeas until spring, they protect new buds from the frost.
  4. Plant mustard and cress seeds! Ready to harvest indoors in 2 weeks, perfect for egg mayo sandwiches on your festive buffets.
  5. Stay off the grass! If there is frost or snow on your lawn, avoid walking on it to prevent long term damage. If it’s a mild winter where you reside and the grass is still growing, you can raise the blades of your mower and cut with caution as required.

Don’t forget you can catch up the entire year’s gardening to do lists here, you can refer back to them year upon year for a streamlined approach to gardening!

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