January. Finances are a struggle, festivities are a distant blur and it can feel like there will never be warm weather ever again. However, with the shortest day of the year now behind us, the days grow longer and longer, encouraging your garden to grow with them!

At Avant Home and Garden Centre we understand that caring for a garden can be overwhelming and it’s easy to assume that you are powerless in the winter months. So, starting in January, we’re creating monthly ‘Gardening To Do Lists’ to keep you on track. These will be made up of mostly quick, easy tasks that keep your garden healthy and tidier with some more time-consuming options for those of you with larger outdoor spaces to tackle! So, whether you’ve got a set of window boxes in your inner city flat or a lawn that sprawls as far as the eye can see, we’ve got you covered.

January’s Gardening To Do List

  1. Prune any apple or pear trees you may have
  2. Begonia, Dahlia or Canna lover? Check tubers for rot or drying
  3. Check supplies of clean water and food for hungry birds, keep some in your garden or yard if possible. Fat balls are a great option in colder months!
  4. Plan your summer garden and order the necessary seeds if you’re an avid grower, ahead of planting in the spring
  5. Plant roses before winter ends
  6. If you’re planning to grow potatoes, it’s time to ‘chit’! Instructions can be found on the RHS website
  7. Prevent brown spots on your lawn by not walking on grass during frosty weather – don’t let your hard work go to waste! More lawn care tips can be found here

…and that’s a wrap! You can now rest until February when we will be back with a new list of tasks to whip that garden into shape.

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