We have a vast range of lawn care products in store at Avant Home and Garden Centre, but if you’re new to gardening or perhaps have a new garden that means you’re suddenly faced with a lawn to maintain, it’s difficult to know where to start. So, we’ve gathered a few handy tips to create a ‘Beginners Guide to Lawn Care’.

Mowing Your Lawn

This is the most important element of lawn care! Between March and October, your lawn is growing and therefore needs mowing regularly. Mow once a week throughout spring and autumn, moving to twice weekly throughout the summer (unless there are periods of drought).

In winter, mowing is not necessary unless the weather is exceptionally mild. If the grass is wet or frosty do not mow it – doing so can damage the turf and cause the soil to become compacted!

For tips on cutting heights, types of mower and achieving striped finishes on your lawn, visit the RHS website here.

Feeding Your Lawn

This is where Avant and our team of gardening experts can really help you! From spring (April) onwards, a lawn fertiliser can be a great tool in getting a lush lawn. These products prevent weeds and moss and encourage quicker, more impressive growth. Use these when your soil is moist or when rain is due to fall imminently. Continue this throughout the summer as and when you feel your lawn could use a boost. After August, stop using these products if the packaging advises they are for summer use as it may attract unwanted pests or diseases by causing late, unusual growth.

Call in to see us as check out our vast range of products – there’s something for every lawn at Avant Home and Garden Centre!

westland lawn care range

Watering Your Lawn

It can be alarming if your lawn turns dry or brown, but they generally recover very well when wetter weather returns – as it always does in England, especially! As a rule, watering your lawn is not necessary in summer. Again, the RHS website has excellent advice for what to do if a drought occurs – read more here.

If you are going to go ahead and water your lawn regardless, do it when the soil becomes dry but before the grass turns brown. If the ground feels hard, spike with a gardening fork before watering.

For more advice and a wealth of industry-leading products to suit every lawn and gardener, visit us on Wigan Road, Leyland. Open 7 days a week.

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