February. It’s cold, the nights are long and your toes are frozen…but spring is firmly in our sights! Winter can be miserable, especially for a passionate gardener who is keen to get out there, but there are still tasks you can be keeping on top of that will reap great rewards when the warmer months arrive. First things first, check you have ticked everything off our January Gardening To Do List. Up to date? Great stuff, here’s your February Gardening To Do list…

Freshen up your garden this February

  1. Get ready to sow! As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can cultivate your beds and get the soil toasty warm in preparation. Gardening fleece or polythene will do the trick.
  2. Be one step ahead of the weeds – dig them up, roots and all, before the warm weather hits.
  3. If you have apple or pear trees, this is their last dormant month and your last chance to prune them!
  4. Cover any strawberry plants with cloches for an early crop in 2019.
  5. Trim your hedges ready for birds to nest safely in the spring.
  6. Help keep our birds warm! Hang fat balls and fill up any bird feeders with tasty treats, February is still bitter in England.
  7. If you’ve succumbed to ‘Wisteria Hysteria’, now is the time to prune your plants ahead of the new season.

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