We had a full house today for Chris Channon, offering us the benefit of his wealth of experience of orchids.  He repotted a record number of mistreated specimens over the course of the afternoon and really emphasised the importance of using the right products to get the best results.

Don’t forget to use:
a suitable orchid pot (one that is clear with good striations to allow air flow and so you can see the moisture round the roots)
the correct orchid compost – not compost as such but more of an open, barky texture for air circulation
Growth Technology’s orchid feed  – none is perfect but used correctly, will encourage free flowering.  Orchid Myst is great used as a tonic, and Growth Technology’s Orchid Bloom is best when alternated with watering to flush out unwanted salts.

Orchid Myst
Orchid Myst

If in doubt about any aspect of your orchid culture, please come and talk to us.