Vertical gardening is an incredible way to add a new dimension to gardening. We are all familiar with beautifully maintained lawns, stunning borders and pots or baskets adorned with gorgeous blooms. But what if we start working upwards? Suddenly there is no limit to the creativity we can inject into our outdoor (or indoor!) spaces, with walls, fences and archways all becoming blank canvases.

Here at Avant Home and Garden Centre we stock the incredible Wonderwall range of vertical gardening products. Wonderwall’s high tech, vertical pots are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and boast an incredible ‘top-down’ self-watering feature. They are also frost-resistant and hard wearing, meaning once your wall or other vertical gardening creation is in place, you don’t have to worry about parts of it disintegrating in the harsh British weather.

The possibilities with this range are endless as Wonderwall vertical gardening products are suitable for vegetables, herbs, foliage, flowers…pretty much anything you would like to plant! All you need to consider is what conditions your chosen plant will need or what conditions your chosen vertical gardening spot is in, as plants will all have their own light, temperature and water requirements. It is also important to keep in mind the need to protect your wall or fence if that’s where you plan to begin vertical gardening. The wall or fence will become quite damp and so it may need additional protection, particularly if you plan to bring vertical gardening indoors or add it to a rented property. Perhaps a freestanding structure would be more suitable to your space?

vertical gardening idea
Here you can see the shed in our herb garden taking shape thanks to vertical gardening with Wonderwall


If you have limited or non-existent outdoor space but want to get a little more green-fingered, perhaps even by bringing nature indoors, then vertical gardening is for you. Call into our store on Wigan Road in Leyland where you can view and purchase the Wonderwall range, plus all of the plants you require to bring your vision to life! If you need advice or help choosing or caring for your new vertical gardening project, ask our team of friendly gardening experts in store.

Stuck for ideas or need some inspiration? There are tonnes of ideas on the Wonderwall website, showing you just how much can be achieved, regardless of space, time, experience and budget. Check out their gallery here.

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