Have you been putting off having houseplants because they seem like more effort than they’re worth? Perhaps you’re the kiss of death to plants and learning to take care of them seems to much hassle? Or maybe your partner has put their foot down and said ‘no’ to any more leafy roommates…well we’ve got some facts that may just change their mind!

  • Houseplants can reduce fatigue, coughs and sore throats by more than 30%.
  • Indoor plants have been proven to increase productivity amongst workforces that sit at a computer for more than 4 hours per day.
  • Indoor plants are great for nursing homes and dementia sufferers – they stimulate the senses, evoke positive memories and emotions and create rewarding activities to take part in.
  • Rooms with plants in contain 50-60% fewer airborne moulds and bacteria than those without!
  • Indoor plants can reduce dust in the home or office by up to 1/5th.
  • Houseplants absorb more than just CO2 including VOCs such as benzene and formaldehyde.

We’ve got houseplants in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes, budgets and decor schemes! Call in and browse our range.

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