Plant invigorators are one of the lesser discussed products amongst the gardening world. Many people are unsure of what they are for, how to use them, if they are just a gimmick and also of the wider effects they could have on your garden and the wildlife that call it home. So, in today’s blog post we will discuss all things plant invigorator related and hopefully answer all of your questions. Remember, if you are ever unsure of a product or have a gardening question, you can ask a member of the team instore any time.

What does a plant invigorator do?

Here at Avant Home and Garden Centre we stock Neudorff’s Plant Invigorator. Packed with fatty acids and algae extract, this particular plant invigorator strengthens plants as they grow and encourages them to reach their potential. Strong, healthy plants are better equipped to fend off pests and diseases.

Typical UK weather conditions can mean long dry spells interspersed with very heavy rain, not to mention frost and floods in the winter months, which can weaken plants and encourage fungal diseases to take hold in the damp conditions. Plant invigorators can help your plants to withstand these conditions.

neudorff plant invigorator


What plants can I use a plant invigorator on?

Neurdorff’s Plant Invigorator is suitable for use on both edible and ornamental plants. It doesn’t leave any harmful residue on plants so you can rest assured that your produce is safe to eat.

Is a plant invigorator dangerous for wildlife? 

This particular formula is vegan and animal-friendly. So, it is safe to use around your beloved pets and won’t pose any threat to beneficial insects that you may wish to encourage into your garden.

Neudorff’s Plant Invigorator is also bee-friendly so it gets a huge thumbs up from us! For more tips on making your garden bee-friendly you can read our blog posts:

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How do I use a plant invigorator?

To use Neudorff’s Plant Invigorator simply spray plants and the undersides of leaves until they are dripping wet. It’s that simple! Full instructions can be found on the packaging and our friendly team instore will be happy to answer any questions you may have before or after purchasing.

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