Here at Avant Home and Garden Centre we are big fans of salvias! These stunningly colourful plants produce gorgeous flowers and thrive in full sun.

The name Salvia comes from Latin word salvere, meaning “to heal.” The plant is historically known for its healing properties and was used by Ancient Greeks to enhance memory.

A firm favourite of ours is the bright and beautiful ‘Pink Lips’ variety, pictured above (and available in store). This gorgeous bloom comes into its own around June and can keep flowering right through to Autumn.

Caring for salvias is very easy. Keep the soil moist through their growing season, perhaps by placing a thin layer of mulch around the plants, and remember to remove any fading flowers to allow exciting new growth to take place!

One thing to be aware of when caring for salvias is the risk of bugs such as aphids. Visit our recent blog post about controlling and beating common garden bugs here.

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