Loved for their gorgeous blooms and appreciated for their ability to flourish in shade or shine, hydrangeas are a garden staple. Hydrangeas are hardy and resistant to most garden pests and diseases, so they’re perfect for gardeners of all abilities and commitment levels. 

When should I plant hydrangeas?

We recommend planting hydrangeas in spring once the threat of a frost has passed (difficult in England when we get snow in April, granted!) and it is advised to water them thoroughly after planting.

Where should I grow hydrangeas?

Although they can bloom in sun or shade, hydrangeas don’t appreciate intense heat so try to plant them somewhere with a bit of afternoon shade. Similarly, whilst they are generally happy in a range of soils, your hydrangeas will typically grow best in rich, moist soil that drains easily.

Should I prune my hydrangeas?

The most common types such as Mophead and Lacecap hydrangeas will bloom beautifully without much effort, but regular pruning will encourage new growth for even better results. Generally, pruning is recommended as a late winter or early spring activity.

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