There’s plenty to do in the garden at this time of year – cutting back, replacing and replenishing plants in the garden – but spare a thought for feeding the stock you’ve already got in your borders and pots.

We have been trialling a series of specialist feeds developed by Vitax, a fourth generation, north-west based manufacturer of fertilisers who have already secured HM The Queen’s approval as holders of a Royal Warrant Appointment for supplying fertilisers to the royal household.

Vitax have created specific formulations of nutrients for Azaleas, Box plants, climbing plants and Hydrangeas to target each groups particular needs and we are quite impressed with the results:

Azalea feed – an organic feed with added iron to prevent yellowing of leaves in acid-loving plants.

Buxus feed – created for Box bushes in hedges or containers and containing nutrients to improve leaf colour and promote dense and healthy growth by extending nitrogen release.

Clematis fertiliser – a feed containing nutrients ideal for vigorous climbing plants such as clematis, passion flowers and honeysuckles. It is also rich in potassium, encouraging bright abundant flowers.

Hydrangea feed – contains added magnesium and iron for abundant high quality flowers, strong plant growth and vitality.

Organic Rose Food – has a poultry manure base to enrich the soil with slow release nutrients.

And the great news is Vitax have added to their range this year with the launch of:

Olive tree feed – an organic based fertiliser with a perfect balance of magnesium and trace elements for olive trees grown in pots or in the garden boosting fruit and foliage.

Acer Japanese Maple feed – a season long organic feed for new and established plants.

Tree and Shrub planting feed – for the best possible start when planting trees and shrubs as this feed contains mycorrhizal fungi and biostimulants for vigorous root growth and therefore better uptake of nutrients in the long term.

We especially like the fact that each of these products is available in a weatherproof pouch so long gone are the days of rock solid bricks of Phostrogen or MiracleGro from where they’ve been stored in a damp shed or garage!

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