You know there are just some spells of decent weather that are perfectly timed with your day off – and today is one of them.  It’s a “make it, do it” kind of day that means you can crack on with those jobs you haven’t been able to get outside and do all winter.  Like tidying the borders or cleaning the patio and driveway.  But you don’t want to spend your entire day off tied up in chores so let’s get on with it and get it out of the way as quickly as possible with the aid of some labour-saving products…

Algon is the first such product.  It’s an organic, no-scrub-after-application liquid that can be used on most patio surfaces (always check the instructions first) on dry surfaces when rain is not expected.  Algon removes the algae and moss and makes surfaces look cleaner, without the need to ban children and pets from the area.  It is diluted from a concentrated solution and is available in two new sizes of container this year – 2.5 litre with 20% extra free and 10 litre which makes it good economic sense for those with big drives!  Not many people know this, but Algon is manufactured locally, so you can even rest assured that you’re buying British!

Block Blitz is another similar no scrubbing required product for buffing your patio into shape for spring.  This non-abrasive detergent is biodegradable.  The powder is diluted with water as per the directions on the packaging and applied over the surface to be cleaned.  In addition, Block Blitz claims to keep 90% of weed growth from returning after 4 applications.  The difference in this case is the pack quantity required per metre of drive – one pack of Block Blitz treats 15m2 whereas one 2.5 litre tub of Algon treats 72m2.

Regardless, both products beat the traditional scrubbing brush and hose method!





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