The team at Avant Home and Garden Centre, Leyland, believe in making gardening easy and fun. It’s a rewarding task that is to be enjoyed, even it can require some labour from time to time! To make it easier for you, we create monthly Gardening To Do Lists that will keep you on track and have your garden in great shape even in the depths of winter. You can view all previous to do lists here.

Make gardening a breeze in May

  1. BBQ season is coming, get the pressure washer out to clean the patio! If weeds are an issue, we have a range of quick and easy treatments here.
  2. Mow your lawn regularly for better grass health.
  3. As your daffodils and tulips finish flowering, deadhead them but leave the foliage to naturally die back. We have a range of shears to help.
  4. Place a layer of organic mulch around any shrubs, trees or perennials ahead of the summer heat.
  5. Keep bird baths and feeders topped up to help birds manage the sunshine. We have a range of food available online but even more available in store.
  6. It’s time to trim evergreen hedges to keep them tidy – check for nesting birds first! It’s illegal to disturb them.

Call into our garden centre on Wigan Road 7 days a week for expert advice and thousands of products to suit your home and garden. Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook here for the latest offers, stock and competitions as well as even more gardening advice.

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