March is upon us and in just two weeks time spring will have sprung! We’ve had some out of character warm spells and sunshine recently, giving us a flavour of the sunnier times ahead and the perfect opportunity to catch up on some any gardening tasks you had left from January and February’s to do lists. Once again, here at Avant Home and Garden Centre, we have compiled a list of March gardening tasks to make managing your garden a breeze.

Each month we bring you a handful of gardening tasks that are appropriate for the time of year so that you don’t get to the summer months and find yourself overwhelmed by a garden that has gotten out of control! Here’s your list for March:

  1. Prepare your beds! No, not a lighter duvet or new pillows. Include a 5cm layer of compost in your beds to prepare for the 2019 growing season. We recommend adding a fertiliser, such as Vitax Blood Fish & Bone.
  2. Once your beds are in order, plant your summer-flowering bulbs.
  3. If any of your planned plants will need support, get the structures in place now so that the plants can grow around them.
  4. Scrub your watering cans – with all this new growth due you don’t want to pass on fungal infection!
  5. Nourish your trees, shrubs and hedges with a slow-release fertiliser. Vitax Organic Bonemeal is a great option.
  6. As their new growth begins, feed your roses with a quality product such as Toprose Rose & Shrub Feed for healthy blooms.
  7. Plant your shallots, onions and early potatoes if you haven’t already.

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