Summer is well underway and our gardens are busier than ever with parties, BBQs, sunbathing and al fresco dining! If your garden is looking a little worse for wear and needs a summer makeover, you can catch up with all previous editions of our Gardening To Do List here.

  1. Prune Wisteria and shrubs such as lavender once they have finished flowering.
  2. Keep plants watered! Ideally, use stored rainwater or ‘grey’ (recycled) water. We have a full range of watering equipment to suit all gardens, from window sills to stately homes!
  3. Cut back your herbs for an ample harvest before the frost begins. Excess herbs can be dried or frozen for later use. We have a range of herb pots and even scissors here.
  4. Add stakes to top-heavy lilies and dahlias to protect them from wind and rain.
  5. Top up birdbaths and consider leaving drinking water out for wildlife as temperatures soar!
  6. Fruit plants in containers need a high potash feed (like this one) to keep them healthy.

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