geranium blue saves bees

The decline of our pollinator population is something that everyone should be concerned about. Modern farming practices and a lack of flowering plants/nesting spots mean that it’s getting more and more difficult for our pollinating pals to survive, let alone thrive.

So, how can you help to encourage bees and other pollinators into your garden?

  1. Be careful with your use of pesticides. Don’t spray open flowers and always follow the instructions on product packaging properly. Not only do these products directly harm bees and pollinators, they also cause a decline in their food sources – for example, aphids provide food for larvae.
  2. Grow nectar and pollen-rich plants where possible. Not only are they incredibly helpful in the plight of the pollinator, meaning happier bees, they’re also stunning additions to any outdoor space. A personal favourite of the Avant team is Geranium Johnson’s Blue. We sell gorgeous ‘Pollinator Pots’ in store, full of delicious bee-friendly goodies to get you started!
  3. Provide nesting spots. Bumblebee boxes are readily available in shops but many bees like to nest in the ground under hedges, either in bare soil or short turf. So be careful of small mounds of soil as they may be a female’s nest. The tree bumblebee likes to nest in bird nest boxes, so consider purchasing one of the many we have in store to play your part!
  4. Just like you and I, bees and pollinators get thirsty! Have a shallow section to your pond or leave a shallow dish filled with pebbles and water to provide a water source that is safe.

Pop into store and grab one of our extremely popular ‘Pollinator Pots’ for a quick, affordable and easy way to help the bees this year!

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