Our Plant Area Manager, BBC Radio Lancashire’s Diane Harrison, has given us the lowdown on the top 5 plants no garden should be without.

  1.  Hellebores. Di’s top tip: remove last year’s foliage to reveal flowers and reduce risk of fungal leaf spot.
  2. Winter scented shrubs such as Sarcococca (“Christmas Box”) and Skimmia Kew Green are fantastic additions and potted Skimmia can be a brilliant gift. The scents travel because of the cold air so plant near pathways for gorgeous smells in the evenings or when the temperature drops. These shrubs also make fantastic early pollinators.
  3. Herbs. Best planted earlier in the year but available now in pots, herbs can have brilliant health and wellbeing benefits. Failing that, grow your own herbal teas or gin garnishes!
  4. Fruit. We can all play a part in protecting our beautiful planet from the devastating effects of pollution, over-consumption and over-population. One way to do this is by growing your own food, no matter how little! Blueberries and raspberries are easy to plant and care for and packed with lots of beneficial anti-oxidants. Growing your own cuts down on plastic, chemicals and the damaging effects of transporting food.
  5. Snowdrops. These beautiful winter flowers are something to look forward to in the bitter winter months that British gardens have to suffer.

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