Gardening can really prove hard work at times – even for the most able-bodied of us but imagine what it’s like when things start to seize up, bending to reach those weeds becomes harder and your grip of the secateurs is less effective than it has been, just how would you cope?

Gardening Club Talk 10 October 2018
Tom Atherton – gardening for the less able


Well, Tom Atherton, local sweet pea grower, breeder and all-round expert who set up Homescapes  a local landscape gardening firm, has given this a great deal of thought.  Although Tom is definitely of the “use it or lose it” generation, his overriding message to those less able is to find ways to make tasks simpler rather than give up what you enjoy altogether.  Choose the right tools for the job that suit your needs.  There’s more available than ever before.

Every year brings new product development in the gardening industry and at Avant, we try to keep up with what we feel would make things simple for our customers.

Darlac Tools have come up with a selection of ergonomic products with exactly this in mind.  These shears weigh less than 1kg and possess a longer handle to extend reach without putting additional pressure on the user.

Light Weight Tools
Light Weight Tools for Ease of Use









Darlac have also added the ability for the user to “cut and hold” on many  of their secateurs which is handy even for the more able bodied.  With the extra reach of these snips, that gives the gardener so much more flexibility around their garden.

cut and hold, long reach tools
Cut and hold, long reach tools


Kent and Stowe have a whole range of tools made with weight in mind.  Their Garden Life products carry slightly smaller heads but are perfectly balanced and proportioned to take the strain out of the daily gardening chores.

Garden life - lighter tools
Garden life – lighter tools


So our endorsement to Tom’s talk is – DON’T STRUGGLE UNNECESSARILY.  Let us help you stay active and enjoy what you love.






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