Here are the long promised highlights of the stock you can’t come in to browse, sadly. Let me know if anything is of interest please.

We are focusing on colour as that is what we have been asked for the most over the last few days –

Forsythia Weekend just fits the bill perfectly! These vivid and vast yellow flowers on a bare stem just shout “Spring!”

Jacob’s Ladder (Polemonium) – we think it gives a bit of a wild flower feel to the border.

Bergenia will hold it’s own under trees in dappled shady spots, and the ones we have received this year are just full of lovely pale pink flowers







We included the Dianthus (like mini Carnation flower plants) because they are a mass of buds right now.

Then 2 staples – as Anita said, everyone should have one – Erysimum Bowles Mauve as it seems to be the longest flowering of all the plants we sell. The Dicentra carries perfect little red, bleeding hearts to remind you how amazing and inventive nature is.



  • I would like to purchase two medium size hanging baskets with a mixture of flowers and foliage.
    Is it possible to send me a typical photo of one and the cost (around £15)?
    I can collect if you give me a pick up slot.
    Thank you

  • Hi Diane, I’m looking for something to go in a large tub that will flower all through summer. Will bergenia do this? What price is it please?
    Also have you any begonias ready as I know they’re really hardy?

  • Hello. I was wondering if you could deliver me 6 mixed coloured rose bushes

  • Hello. I was wondering if you could deliver me 6 mixed coloured rose bushes. My telephone number is 07740 179284